Will Tang

Playing the Blues

21 May 2024

Rock'n'Reel - Album Review

Rock'n'Reel reviews Will's new album 'Everything Changes'


Everything Changes 


It doesn’t get more eclectic than this – radio-friendly ballads, rockers and blues harmonica instrumentals all on the same album. Will Tang is a Rochdale-born singer, songwriter and harmonica player who first appeared on Hong Kong’s underground jazz and blues scene and has now returned home to release his debut CD in the UK.

Everything Changes is every bit as diverse as the man himself. Slower songs like the title track and ‘On My Way’ showcase his song writing skills, while ‘The Other Side’ and ‘Love Bites’ crank up the rock factor with their retro Lenny Kravitz-esque riffs. ‘Something Special’ harks back to David Lindley and Lowell George with dashes of reggae and funk. The solo harmonica piece ‘Sundown’ allows the spotlight to fall on his faultless blues playing, which can also be heard drifting in and out of all the other songs.

As a singer, Will Tang is fiery when the tempo demands it and sensitive on the ballads. The blatant eclecticism is rounded off by two excellent club remixes by Andy Votel (Elbow and Badly Drawn Boy). Harmonica-playing singers from Rochdale may not be at the top of every record company’s wish list but, after hearing this, they definitely will be.

Jamie Hailstone

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