Will Tang

Playing the Blues

21 May 2024

Live Review from Blues Matters! issue 42

The comment of the night came from one of the venue’s regulars. As he walked passed me he said, “If you can’t find something to write about this guy, you never will!” Will is a Blues culture shock!  He mixes individual songwriting, with a diversity of musical influences, and crosses the cultural boundary of East and West. This is a man with a lot of talent. His vocal ranges from upper middle to lower register. Intonation is good, there is a lot of vocal polish to his voice but the Blues grit is there.  Throughout the set, there were numerous examples of what a talented harp player he is and he’s not a bad little guitarist, favouring on this occasion, mainly an electro-acoustic and occasional use of a Strat. He was well supported by the rest of the band and they formed a tight unit. Will treated us to a number of tracks from his latest CD “Everything Changes” (previously titled “Red City Blues”). The album title pointing to the Eastern influence and Buddhist belief ‘that all things are subject to change’ and if Will is a change for the Blues, he is a good one!  ‘Everything Changes’ had a Blues/soul feel, the lyrics were thought provoking, beautifully underpinned with a bass riff and drum combo. On the lighter side, ‘Something Special’ a song  written after a phone call with his young daughter, had a very funky feel, with a modern take on the lyrics through Western and Eastern values and very diverse musical feel to it. Will is an energetic and different performer and a definite asset to the future of the Blues.


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